More opportunities and better environment for learning using technology.


Alexandria E-Learning Center is one of the higher education development projects of Information and Communication technology project (ICTP); the center aims to promote the use of technology in education and e-learning especially at the Egyptian universities by holding seminars and workshops for e-learning, as well as through convert a number of the curriculums to e-courses to be fully or partly taught via the Internet.

Who we are

Alexandria E-learning center

Was established in April, 2008; as one of the branches of the National
E-learning Center which is one of the outcomes of the Information and Communication Technology Project (ICTP). The Center is supervised by the Higher Education Information Center, SCU. The main objective of the Alexandria E-Learning Centre is to help in reducing the digital gap by using the technologically enhanced teaching and learning methods. And we aim to achieve this throw producing a number of e-courses, promoting for e-learning, and training faculty members and their assistants on the e-learning tools, through holding monthly seminars and workshops in various faculties and institutes of the university.


Alexandria E-leaning Center aims to:

  • Produce a number of e-courses which is selected according to restricted conditions such as their suitability for e-learning and according to the strategic need for it (for example, courses lectured at several faculties or courses in the rare species that suffer from a shortage of faculty members).
  • Promote for e-learning through holding monthly seminars and workshops in various faculties and institutes of the university.
  • Train faculty members and their assistants on the e-learning management systems through holding training sessions in coordination with the Faculty and Leadership Development Project (FLDP).
  • Increase the Egyptian e-content, which serves the educational process by providing the opportunity for the largest number of faculty members and their assistants and students to upload e-contents on the server.
  • Expand the circle of the center's beneficiaries to include the university curriculums and private schools as well as training sessions in the bodies, factories and companies.

Future Plans

Alexandria E-leaning Center plan for the next five years.
The Center seeks to achieve its plan by being accountable for:

Create and develop e-learning labs in faculties and institutes of the university.
Establishing sub-Center at the faculties and institutes of the university and providing them with the needed technical support.
Continuous follow up over the sub-centers to enhance their performance and ensure the quality of their outputs.
Coordinating between the different projects within the governorate which have similar or common goals with the (such as the University's Quality Assurance Project , the Science 'Supercourse' Project at the Library of Alexandria and the E-content Unity in the Information Technology Institute ITI, Alexandria Branch).
Coordinating between the various education development projects (networks development project and information systems project) to enhance the network infrastructure and information systems of the university to reach the required level to serve the e-learning.
Coordinating between the e-learning centers all over the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab world to market the produced courses.
Linking the center with international universities centers by attracting a number of experts of these centers to give workshops to keep up to date with the latest technology, software, and methods used in e-learning and education technology.